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Hammocks 101

Everything you wanted to know about hammocks.

Hammock Materials - Which one is right for you?
People choose the material their hammock is made of based on personal preference. There is no better choice; just one that will more closely fit your needs. Here are the main features for each type of hammock:

Rope Hammocks

Rope hammocks allow air to flow through the weave of the hammock and can be considered "cooler". A rope hammock will also conform more to your body. This material is also a favorite because of its traditional look. There are a few types of rope hammocks:

Cotton Rope is the traditional material of which rope hammocks are made. Cotton is soft to the touch and is natural colored. Cotton rope hammocks are the perfect style for people who can take their hammock out of the elements on a normal basis and store them. The cotton rope hammock is a great choice as it is very comfortable.

Polyester Rope is weather resistant, increasing the life of your hammock. This bright white rope is a soft spun, man-made fiber that is rot and mildew resistant. Polyester hammocks are recommended for tougher weather conditions and are more suited to be left in the elements for an extended period of time.

DuraCord® Rope provides the soft feel of cotton while maintaining superior outdoor durability and solution-dyed color-fastness. It is a fast drying and stain resistant fiber that prevents microbial and mildew growth.
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Quilted Hammocks

Quilted hammocks offer a quilted bed and are available in a variety of patterns to match the decor of your yard or patio.
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Water Resistant Hammocks

If your relaxation oasis is by the side of the pool, lake or ocean, check out our water resistant hammock collection. The body of each water resistant hammock combines the durability and strength of vinyl coated polyester yarn with the vivid hues and soft feel of dyed acrylic.
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  • What is the life expectancy of your hammock?


    There are several factors that can affect the life span of your hammock including climate, care, and the material from which the hammock is made. The life span can be as short if the hammock is not cared for properly. However, hammocks can last over 20 years when removed from the elements and stored properly. The amount of care you invest in your hammock will lengthen its life. You should not leave you hammock outside all winter as prolonged exposure to harsh elements can shorten its life span.

  • Should you use Tree Hooks or Hammock Straps?


    While tree hooks will not affect the health of a tree, they will leave a hole. We recommend using tree straps. This accessory will allow you to move your hammock from place to place very easily and also helps in adjusting the hammock height (as hammocks will stretch over time) without putting several holes in your tree.

  • How can you keep your new hammock looking great?


    While all hammocks look great when you receive them, you can preserve their beauty over time. Here’s some helpful tips to keep your hammock looking great:
    Cotton Rope - Soak the hammock in mild soapy water and hang to dry or lay on a flat surface. Keep the spreader bars out of the water as much as possible.
    Polyester Rope - Wash the hammock briskly with mild soapy water. You may also use 1 part bleach to 4 parts soapy water. Avoid letting the spread bar lay in the water.
    DuraCord® Rope - Wash the hammock briskly with mild soapy water. DuraCord® does not absorb water so it does not need to be soaked for long. We suggest rubbing the ropes together.
    Duracord® Fabric - Wash the hammock briskly with mild soapy water. DuraCord® does not absorb water, so there is no need to soak the fabric.
    Quilted Fabric - Use a mild solution of soap and water and use a scrub brush. Hose off completely and then let air-dry. Spot remover solutions can also be used for problem areas.
    Single Layer Hammocks (Poolside, DuraWeave, Vinyl Coated) - Wash hammock briskly with mild soapy water, rinse, and it will dry within seconds.

  • How do I install a hammock?


    The best place to hang a hammock is between two trees. This provides stability and cooling shade! However this is not always possible so your hammock can be placed with the following combinations:

    - Tree and Post in concrete footing
    - Tree and Building
    - Two Posts in concrete footing - Building and Post in concrete footing
    - Between Two Buildings
    - On Porches and Decks (permanent structures only)
    - On a factory-built stand
    - Tree to Tree

    The distance between hanging points should be about one foot longer than the stretched length of your hammock from one metal ring to the other (excluding chains). The tree hooks should be mounted about 4½ to 5½ feet from the ground level. When inserting the mounting hooks, make sure they are secured to hold the weight and stress necessary to contain the hammock and the occupants. Also, be sure the hooks are screwed in completely so that contact is made between the hook's eye and the wood surface but be careful not to over-tighten.

    When first hung, your hammock may seem tight and difficult to lie in. After some use, it will stretch to its normal size. As it stretches, it may be necessary to shorten or lengthen the chains to the desired height.

  • How do I hang a Parachute Nylon Hammock?


    Remove the hammock from its pouch, locate the 2 "S" hooks and pull on them until the nylon material bunches together and slides to one end of the rope. Proceed to hang!

  • What is the weight capacity of a hammock?


    Most hammocks, swings and stands have a weight capacity of 450 lbs. There are a few stands, however, that are capable of supporting up to 600 lbs. (This will be noted in our product descriptions.)

  • Caution and Safety Tips for your Hammock


    - Do not jump up and down in the hammock and do not use the hammock as a play-ground swing. Children have been known to use the hammock for a trampoline or to try and swing the hammock off its hooks. This is dangerous and not the intended use of your hammock. This kind of activity will also cause excessive wear on the hammock and mounting hardware.
    - Do not exceed maximum safe weight capacity for you hammock.
    - Do not allow the chains supplied with your hammock to become twisted or allow the hammock to flip over (which will twist the chains). This dramatically reduces the strength of the chain.
    - Do not over tighten the hammock screws.
    - A hammock can be unstable if you do not place your weight in the center of the hammock. Do not sit on the edge.
    - Caution should be used when allowing children to use a hammock. Do not allow children to use the hammock without direct adult supervision.
    - Do not place infants in your hammock.

Warranties and Warranty Returns products are guaranteed by the manufacturer to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for up to one year after the purchase date. Prolonged exposure to weather conditions including snow, rain, and humidity are not covered under the warranty nor is damage caused by normal wear, mildew, improper care including storage, maintenance, and installation. If an item is found to be defective within one year of its purchase, it will be replaced without charge upon the return of the product. A return authorization is needed for return. If the item is not available, a similar product of equal or higher value may be substituted. A refund may also be offered with our authorization. If you need warranty assistance, please call us at 1-866-964-5896.

Non-Warranty Returns
If you have received a product and you wish to return it for reasons other than a manufacturing defect, please contact us by email or phone for an authorization. In most costs, you request will be accommodated, provided everything is received at our offices in new condition including all packaging. In most cases, you will be required to pay the cost of shipping the product to you as well as the return shipping to our offices, as these costs cannot be recovered.

Hammock Brands – What’s the difference?
We sell several brands of hammocks to provide you with the best quality hammocks in a variety of price points. Here’s some information about each:

Hatteras Hammocks – Simply the best!
Hatteras Hammocks Hatteras Hammocks trendsetting products have been acknowledged as top of class since the family company's humble beginnings back in 1971. Hatteras Hammocks exceptional hammocks, hammock stands, hammock pillows, hammock swings, swing stands and relaxation accessories are routinely among the most mimicked on the market. Hatteras designs and builds it then others copy it. Little surprise, then, that the bulk of recent industry innovations in the art of hammock-making, hammock support and hammock-inspired outdoor furniture can be traced right to the Hatteras Hammocks very own  production facility in eastern North Carolina.

Yet for all the many advances and improvements these past four decades, the Hatteras operating philosophy remains ultimately unchanged, since day one. Back to when founder Walter R. Perkins Jr. went into his backyard work shed to take apart a hammock he'd bought during a trip out to the Carolina beaches. His goal? To learn how the thing worked, so he could handcraft an even better hammock for himself, from scratch. Mr. Perkins, a tinkerer by nature, quickly became an accomplished hammock-maker. So much so that today Hatteras Hammocks is one of the world's largest, best-known producers of quality handmade hammocks.

Innovation in pursuit of supreme relaxation was Mr. Perkins' standard from the start. That’s still the Hatteras way even today. Through the years, Hatteras’ ceaseless commitment to improvement and their willingness to try pretty much anything have yielded new and better materials for construction. They've likewise led to their unique method of hammock-making, a blend of handcrafting and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that together have enabled Hatteras to bring advanced durability and streamlined beauty to our mutual ongoing quest for relaxation excellence. The Hatteras logo burned into the spreader bar on each Hatteras Hammock tells you and the world that you care enough to buy the best.

Pawleys Island
Pawleys Island Driving the main road into Pawleys Island, South Carolina, in either direction, you see proof of local pride immediately, right there on the welcome signs: a picture of a rope hammock. Because this beautiful live-oak seaside town, where the Original Pawleys Island Rope Hammock® started out in business more than a century ago, is to the American style of hammock what Hershey, Pennsylvania, is to the chocolate bar. Pawleys Island reset the standard.

When South Carolina riverboat captain and brand founder Joshua John "Cap'n Josh" Ward set out in 1889 to create a comfortable, secure rope hammock for sleeping, he focused on quality materials and heightened craftsmanship as keys to his eventual success. Instead of using the rough, thinly wound hemp and manila rope common to his day, Cap'n Josh opted for heavier rope made out of skin-comfy cotton. Then, instead of tying his rope strands together – the bulky manner in which rope hammocks were then made – Cap'n Josh devised a knotless double-latch weaving style that used gravity and tension to produce a lattice-like design.

The enterprising riverboat captain's greatest contribution to the art of hammock-making, however, has to be his invention of the spreader bar, a wooden slat drilled with rope holes and fitted to each end of the hammock bed to hold the hammock ropes apart. Used in tandem with Cap'n Josh's double-latch weaving style, the spreader bar eliminated the need for uncomfortable knots within the hammock bed. Cap'n Josh's new rope-and-wood creation was not only a pleasure to recline in, but was infinitely stronger, and safer, than the knobby old-style hammocks of his time as well. Today, other than a few improvements to the materials used, the Pawleys Island basic rope-hammock design remains little changed from back in those bygone days of Cap'n Josh.

Castaway Castaway Hammocks are grounded in a centuries-old American tradition of fine craftsmanship. The original rope hammock from Castaway by Pawleys Island was fashioned by a riverboat captain who was looking to create a cool, comfortable bed for steamy nights out on the water. Today, Castaway hammock weavers use strong three-ply cotton rope that’s hand-woven into a latticed cradle with holes big enough to let your worries fall through.

Vivere In 2002, Jason Stoter was studying abroad at the Universidad de Guadalajara in Mexico. During this time Jason stumbled across an entrepreneur selling hammocks on the West Coast of Mexico. It was love at first site (with the hammocks of course) and Jason proceeded to strike a deal and purchase his first hammock.

After his studies he sourced hammocks from several villages in the Yucatan peninsula that had been weaving hammocks for generations.

The next few years experienced tremendous growth as the outdoor living market continued to boom. And as a result Vivere will continue to expand its hammock lines with vibrant new colours and contemporary designs. Vivere’s desire is to promote relaxation and healthy lifestyles for Canadians.  From coast to coast you can enjoy Vivere hammocks and related products while having a siesta in your backyard, camping in the outback or sipping a cool drink at the cottage. Vivere is passionate about outdoor living, assisting you in achieving a little more rest and relaxation. All Vivere hammocks are quality made. Avoid cheaper imitations currently being sold in stores and on the web.

Tropical Imports
ropical Imports Tropical Imports hammocks are high quality, hand-made hammocks from Brazil. Everyone loves Brazilian style! Brazil is an informal country and one of Brazilian fashion’s most important features is the strong trend to enforce cheerfulness, based on its rich tropical fauna and flora.

Excluding the cloth body, all details, like the fringes, end-work, ropes and designs, are painstakingly hand-made. This makes for a totally unique product that has been lovingly made. With a range from very affordable to luxurious, all our Tropical Imports hammocks are unique and delightfully comfortable. And a great price point, Tropical Imports hammocks also make a wonderful gift!

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